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Sunnyvale Girls Softball League is pleased to offer Shockwave for 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions in Summer 2023 and Fall 2023. Please read below for more information on what the Shockwave team is, how it compares with our recreational program, and how it compares with other travel ball opportunities. 

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What is the Shockwave program? 

The Shockwave program is composed of age specific teams, formed from our All Star players, that will form the last weekend of April and play from Memorial Day weekend through Early August.  Shockwave is an extension of our rec league, but will exclusively play in tournaments. Shockwave will provide the most skilled players in our league with opportunities to compete at a higher level. 

Who is eligible to join the Shockwave team? 

All players are invited to try out for our Shockwave team.  To be eligible for Shockwave, you must participate in Sunnyvale Girls Softball’s spring recreational season.   

Ineligibility:  If you are on an independent team after March 31st, 2023 you are INELIGIBLE for Shockwave. You cannot be a participant on an independent non-rec league tournament team after March 31st, 2023. Independent teams are “A” Ball teams or other comp teams that are not affiliated with a rec league. 

How are the teams formed? 

Shockwave teams are made up of our All Star players from the recreational season. 

Our 8U team will draw from girls born in 2014 and 2015

Our 10U team will draw from girls born in 2012 and 2013

Our 12U team will be composed of girls born in 2010 and 2011, 

Our 14U team will be made up of girls born in 2008 and 2009. 

**Head coaches have the discretion to choose the players for their teams. 

What are the time commitments of the Shockwave team? 

Shockwave teams will practice 2 or 3 times during the week (practices will begin no earlier than May 22nd, 2023), and teams will likely play in tournaments 2 or 3 times each month (around 5-7 tournaments per summer season)  Tournaments will take up an entire weekend. 

On weekends when teams are not scheduled to play in tournaments, teams may play friendly games, scrimmages, or hold practices.  This is up to the coach’s discretion. 

Tournaments are local: San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Burlingame, Santa Cruz, Vacaville, Pleasanton etc.  Some of the older teams may have an “away” tournament, if they meet the qualifiers, usually in Sacramento or Tahoe. 

There is no expectation that a player is available for every single game and practice during the summer season.  Having conflicts will not eliminate a player from being considered for a Shockwave team, although a regular practice conflict or too many game conflicts may result in a player not being selected to a specific team, based on that team’s practice and game schedule.  

How many games do you play in a tournament?  

Most tournaments have a “four game guarantee”, with three games in what is called Pool Play.  Pool Play is usually all day on Saturday or sometimes teams will have a Friday night game and then two games on Saturday, if the tournament is local.  After everyone has played three games, the teams are seeded for a single-elimination format on Sunday.  A team could play one game on Sunday or up to three or four depending on the format and whether or not the team continues to win.  

What are the costs of the Shockwave team? 

Registration fee is up to $650 for the entire summer and varies based on the number of players on the team and how many tournaments the team plays in.  Upon accepting a position on the team, families are expected to pay the fees immediately.

The costs include:

  • 2 uniforms (socks, jersey) 
  • Tournament fees  
  • Field permits 
  • Insurance for players and coaches 

What happens if I try out and don’t make the Shockwave team? 

We try to build 2 teams at 12u and 10u; one at the B level, B teams tend to be older, more experienced players. The remaining players will be our C level, C teams are newer travel ball players who will gain more experience to play at the higher levels. 

8u does not currently have the B/C designations, so all 8u teams are classified as C teams.  

Our coaches do their best to provide fair opportunities to all players who are interested in playing competitively. The smaller teams will ensure that all girls get significant playing time. 

All players are encouraged to play in our Spring and Fall recreational program. Registration for Spring rec will begin in the middle of November and last through the middle of January. Practices begin close to mid February and Sunnyvale fields open officially every year on March 1st.  

Will the rec league still be competitive? 

Most definitely! We anticipate that our rec league will continue to grow. We are fortunate to have a community of solid softball players, and our expectation is that our rec teams will have a good mixture of current and former Shockwavers, experienced players and new players of course. 

What does the league offer to rec players to help them improve their skills? 

We are currently adding pitching and catching clinics. We plan to offer a wider array of clinics this winter and early spring to help your player improve their skills. We are also hoping to offer coaching clinics to help our coaches continue their growth and development. 

How does Shockwave compare with more traditional travel ball organizations? 

We understand that many rec players and their families may be looking for a more competitive environment and at some point may consider “A” ball programs. Shockwave is a good option for these families for many reasons. Our teams will be very competitive and will play against “A” ball teams in tournaments. We are committed to small team size, competitive registration fees, dedicated practice fields, and coaches who operate under the Positive Coaching Alliance. 

In Summary

This document was written to convey a general sense of what Shockwave is about.  It cannot cover all circumstances or answer all questions.  If you have any questions, please contact either Shockwave President Dave Wurfer at [email protected] or a member of the Shockwave Committee.  They can provide more information and examples of how things have worked in the past. 

Example: in the past, Shockwave teams have included players who couldn’t play in games on Sundays, or who had other conflicts, but in that situation, placing that player on a team worked. 

Shockwave FAQ- PDF