League Training Programs

Pre-season Batting Sessions for Division 3A and 4A Early Registrants

As part of our yearly registration program, players registering for Division 3A and 4A qualify for a series of 4 weekly batting instruction sessions at a professional training facility, like All Star Academy in Santa Clara. The players rotate to a series of stations which help to reinforce proper batting techniques. Please see our Registration page for more information.

Pre-season Beginner’s Pitching Clinics for Division 2A and 3A

Learning how to pitch can be a difficult task for a player, and perhaps equally daunting is teaching her how. In this series of 4 free one hour sessions, girls and their parents are shown how to deliver a legal fastpitch softball pitch, and also helpful drills that an help to hone their pitching skills with repetition and practice at home. The sessions are held each Sunday afternoon for four weekends in February. The clinic is open to all Division 2A and 3A beginning pitchers and is free, all that is required is that a parent particpate as the catcher for each girl. Please see our league calendar for specifics on where and when.

Intermediate Pitching Clinics for Divison 2A and 3A

During the season, each team Manager is given the opportunity to recommend 1 or 2 pitchers for additional league instruction on pitching to help develop their talents to the next level. Instruction is provided by a professional pitching instructor in an enviroment that allows for individual attention and instruction. Please ask your team Manager for additional information.

Weekly Batting Cage

Each Division 3A and 4A team is assigned a time slot at the league batting cage facility at DeAnza Park in Sunnyvale. Team coaches work the players through several stations including batting tee and pitching machine to improve their batting skills. Participation is generally voluntary, but it is a great resources and parents are highly encouraged to take advantage of this. Please ask your team Manager for additional information.