• Shockwave is SGSL's competitive travel program, with teams at 8U, 10U and 12U.
  • 12C Shockwave in action at the 2016 California State Games in San Diego on their way to a fifth place finish in the state.
  • Shockwave 12C at Qualcomm Stadium during opening ceremonies of the 2016 California State Games.
  • Shockwave 10C and 14C teams take the field at Qualcomm Stadium during opening ceremonies of the 2015 California State Games
  • Shockwave 12C and 10C take first place at the 2015 Blast By the Bay Tournament.

Shockwave is SGSL’s competitive travel ball program for 8U, 10U and 12U. Teams are formed for the summer (mid-May through July) and fall (mid-August through Oct) seasons based on player tryouts. Teams participate in 3 to 7 ASA sanctioned tournaments in cities from Salinas to Lake Tahoe, and can particpate in NorCal and state championship tournaments. A typical tournament consists of 3 games on Friday/Saturday and then single elimination on Sunday (1-3 games). Particpating in Shockwave is an excellent way to develop a player’s skills far beyond what is normally possible during the recreational season.

2016 Shockwave Information

Shockwave teams for the 2016 Summer Season have been announced, click here to see the teams

Shockwave in action:

2013 Shockwave 12B Champs


2013 Shockwave 12C Team


2013 Shockwave 8B Team


2013 Shockwave 10C – 2nd, Silver Bracket at Twister Classic


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